Because we love Konatsu!

You know, I’ve been told that we do weird stuff. I don’t feel like our projects are that weird. Is it because I’m weird myself? Σ(゜ロ゜;)



Mikami-kun no Himitsu by Konatsu

Mikami’s scary, I’m telling you! But wait, what’s this secret of his?

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Labor of Love

Ehh, now that I’m finally writing this, I’m not quite sure how to start. You see, the oneshot we’re releasing is by Ando Yuki, who is an absolutely wonderful author, and we adore her and her works to bits. However…this particular oneshot, well, I’ll just say that she has better stuff out there! Like Machida-kun! (More TL;DR below.) °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Anyway, regardless of how we liked the oneshot, that doesn’t mean we’ll skimp on the quality of the release. Everyone would love to have the opportunity to release one of her stories if they could, and it would be an absolute disservice on our part if we didn’t deliver something worthy of her name. Which is why the title of this post is what it is, LoL, because it was really, really, really hard to get back into scanlating. I’m still not sure if I’m even back yet. Compare it to getting back into exercising after months of bumming around.

Let’s get to the release first, so that those who aren’t interested in our additional news can just get on to their downloading and online reading.



Ai no Sanka (L’hymne à l’Amour) by Ando Yuki

For you, I would do anything.

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BIG NEWS! If you’ve read any of our other releases, maybe you’ll have noticed a little shortie by the name of Kyou no Machida-kun by Ando Yuki back in 2013. If I could all-caps that number, I totally would. As we mentioned when we first released it, it was one of six stories that had been pitched to readers, who had the chance to vote for their favorites. The most popular one would get a serialization, and that honor went to Hatsukoi Lollipop by Matsumoto Kaori. (Such a shame, too! Machida was so unique. :'<)

We never gave up hope of one day seeing Machida serialized, but we weren’t holding our breaths either. As it happened, after almost two years, Shueisha decided to surprise us all, and we’re finally getting a series for Machida-kun.
。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 You guys don’t know how happy we are! Of course, we totally intend to work on it. However, for personal reasons, I’ve (being Li) realized that I need to get my priorities straight, and to stop buying so much manga. This really saddens me, especially when Machida-kun is just right around the corner of serialization. I’ll be missing out on all of the color pages! (´;ω;`) asd;flkj!!!

Machida-previewTL;DRKyou no Machida-kun (originally released 2013) by Ando Yuki is getting a series, henceforth known as Machida-kun no Sekai. Serialization starts in the 4th issue of Betsuma, 13 March 2015. Li needs to get her priorities straight, which means not buying so much manga every month and therefore a lack of raws, unless a high quality source is found elsewhere. It is likely that other groups will pick it up. However, we welcome other interpretations, and will work on and release Machida-kun at our own pace.

New Year’s Eve!

Hi, everyone!

It’s definitely been a long time since we last posted. Life has been busy and even though we had a lot of plans for Delish, we regret to say that a lot of the projects and things we wanted to do didn’t go through. So first and foremost, thanks to everyone who’s been waiting for us to update with a new release. We hope that the stories we work on are interesting and different enough that there are readers who will continue to read our scanlations in the future.

Secondly, we want to thank everyone who’s helped us with our releases this past year: Demidia, Mr. Arleea, and in particular, the wonderful Arleea, the leader of Antisense Scans. Arleea, we’ve caused you a lot of trouble and disappointment, but thank you for always being so kind and patient with us. There is truly no other person who would have suffered us the way you have, and although we are uncertain about the future, we hope to be able to work with you again.

Before this year ends, we present the last story in Yajuu Kanojo. This release is actually several days old, but we need to announce it because it is the first completed series (tank/anthology) and joint project with Antisense Scans for Delish.

Happy New Year, everyone! The word vomit ends here. See you in 2015!



Bianca by Konatsu

Do I like girls? Or guys?

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Happy birthday, Li!

This is Delle~ I’m posting because you don’t make the birthday girl post, do you? :P

Anyway, our release today is the third story from Konatsu’s Yajuu Kanojo, “Onnaji Mesen.” It’s a cute story about a pair of childhood friends, who may be on their way to becoming something more. *wink wink* It’s also the first story I ever read from Konatsu and the one that made me a fan. ;3

Please head over to Antisense Scans to thank the ever amazing, ever patient Arleea, as well. ❤ When it’s up, that is~



Onnaji Mesen by Konatsu

How dare you outgrow me!

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Of Many Different Colors

Actually, I (Li, being the one who writes the posts) found myself more annoyed with the girl in this story than I would have liked. Kind of like a “your situation is not helping my situation” sort of feeling. Does that make sense? Hopefully it does when you read the story.

Oh, I almost forgot. Along with our previous release Sakura no Kimi, this story was also featured in Betsuma! Japan, a supplementary item for the main magazine containing stories written by Betsuma authors from different regions of the the nation in order to show support for the the victims of the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. Has it really been three years already?

Here’s more Yomoto Shimako fluff for those who were looking forward to it! Enjoy!



Irotoridori no by Yomoto Shimako

“Nothing exciting ever happens.”

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